About Us

The team at Lari Energy are some of the best and brightest in the energy sector. We are not only experts at everything power-related, but also avid environmentalists who care about keeping our planet sage from the pollution of civilization. We understand the need to pull power from various non-renewable sources (like fossil fuels) but also believe in finding renewable options in an effort to help both the earth and civilization advance.

Our articles focus on dissecting this problem at the granular level, and provide advice for individuals to help streamline their energy consumption to help be as efficient as possible.

Some topics will include preparing for power outages, using renewable energy (such as solar power) to supplement or even replace regular power, and much more.

We are still getting the site up and running, but we do appreciate you stopping by to check it out. Please bear with us while we get things moving over the first month or two, then we will begin focusing on producing as much great content for you to read as possible.