Road Regulations

Laricina’s main concern as operator for the Chip Lake Road is for the health and safety of all our road users. Unsafe behaviour on the road can result in serious accidents and life threatening circumstances.

We encourage you to always be aware of current road conditions and respect the posted speed limits. These limits should never be surpassed and reduced speed will be required when road conditions do not permit your vehicle to travel at the posted speed limit.

Active radio control is essential in communicating your position to others who are using the road. Please be courteous and brief on the road channel as casual conversation presents a safety hazard.

To further ensure the safety of our users Laricina has employed safety patrols from kilometer zero to 76.

We encourage you to print a copy of Rules of the Road for a more detailed description of road regulations.



May 25, 2015

There is a wildfire near the Chip Lake Road that is classified by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) as Out of Control.  ESRD has been working to establish a guard across the south end of the fire from North Wabasca Lake to the Chip Lake Road.

Laricina has been in contact with ESRD.  At this time there are no road closures for the Chip Lake Road.  Laricina will distribute an update to road users if the status is changed.

PLEASE NOTE: All industry vehicles and equipment over one ton require Al-Pac channel 163.005 frequency to communicate bridge crossings.