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Corporate Responsibilities

Committed to responsible development and working with our local communities.

Laricina’s business strategy advances bitumen recovery technologies while mitigating environmental and cost impacts of extraction. We incorporated synergies that support environmental care and innovative technologies into our thinking since inception. Our long-term development plans aim to ensure sustainability and the Company’s continued growth.

Traditional Land Use

Video Presentations

People of the Traditional Lands (Cree).
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Traditional BCN Knowledge-holder shares history of the land (Cree).
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In 2008 Laricina, in conjunction with the Bigstone Cree Nation (BCN) and a number of BCN traditional knowledge-holders, conducted Traditional Land Use (TLU) assessments around our Germain, Saleski and Burnt Lakes properties. The TLU assessments were done to support the identification by traditional knowledge-holders cultural sites that are sensitive areas from a land use standpoint and record the historical significance of these areas. A detailed report of the assessments were put together and reviewed with the BCN Chief and Council.

To support the sharing of traditional knowledge and demonstrate Laricina’s commitment to community engagement, videos based on the TLU assessments were created that tell the story of BCN’s traditional territory and why it’s important to the culture, history and values of the BCN people. The videos are available in Cree and English and are on display in the local BCN office and were provided to the three Wabasca-area schools.

Laricina is committed to collaborating with communities in areas where we operate and to building an understanding of their history and culture to strengthen our working relationship.

Where Energy
Meets Innovation

Laricina is advancing in situ technology and innovation, through its forward thinking approach and practices. Our ideas begin with people whose knowledge is based on years of in situ experience, redefining and shaping several of the processes we are implementing today.

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