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Electronic Delivery Consent Terms

I agree to receive electronic delivery of Laricina’s annual financial statements and management’s discussion and analysis (the “annual report”) subject to the Electronic Delivery Consent Terms outlined below. I understand that I may withdraw my consent to receive electronic delivery at any time. 

Electronic Delivery Consent Terms

I/we consent to receive or access the annual report electronically over the Internet and I/we understand and acknowledge the following:

1. To receive annual reports electronically, I/we need a computer with Internet access, hardware and software to view, print and electronically store PDFs to the extent necessary;

2. I am/we are responsible for all costs associated with electronic access, such as Internet usage fees and telephone charges;

3. Laricina will only deliver the annual report electronically where permitted by the express direction of the holder of common shares;

4. Laricina will no longer distribute printed annual reports until I/we revoke this consent which I/we may do at any time by notifying Laricina by email or mail;

5. I/we will make certain that the email address I/we have provided for such electronic delivery of the annual report remains current and that I/we can change the email address, by submitting a request in writing;

6. The annual report will be provided in PDF format*;

7. Laricina reserves the right to terminate electronic delivery of the annual report at any time.

* You need Adobe Acrobat Reader® to open PDF documents; you can obtain it free at

If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone at 403.750.0810 or via email at

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