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June 18, 2009

Laricina’s Kent Barrett receives award for Best Core Presentation

Laricina Energy Ltd. is pleased to announce that Kent Barrett, Laricina’s Sr. Carbonate Geologist and Dr. John Hopkins, of the University of Calgary, received the award for Best Core Presentation from the 2009 Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists annual convention.

At the convention, held May 11 – 15th 2009, the presenters used HMI logs of Grosmont wells to explain the process of breccia development within the Grosmont Formation. Mr. Barrett’s and Dr. Hopkins’ presentation is based on the Saleski project area and is titled “Stratiform Carbonate Breccias of the Grosmont Formation, Alberta.”

Each year one paper from the well core conference portion of the convention is selected and credited as the Best Core Presentation. Criteria for this award include outstanding technical quality, presentation material and oral presentation. This is the second time in as many years Mr. Barrett and Dr. Hopkins have received the award.

In 2008, well cores were used to explain the geology and reservoir properties of the Grosmont Formation in the Saleski area. The title of the 2008 presentation was “Reservoir Units within a Multi-Layered Dolostone Formation: Grosmont Formation, Saleski Area.” Click here to learn more.

These recognition awards further exemplify the excellent technical team that Laricina has assembled. Laricina would like to extend its thanks to Mr. Barrett and Dr. Hopkins for their continued effort in advancing the understanding of the Grosmont Formation.

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