An Innovative Cementing Solution for the Grosmont Carbonate

Paper Number: SPE 137711

Authors: S.E. Arseniuk - Laricina Energy Ltd.

Source: This paper was prepared for presentation at the Canadian Unconventional Resources & International Petroleum Conference held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 19–21 October 2010.

Copyright: Copyright 2010, Society of Petroleum Engineers

The Grosmont carbonate formation has been noted for drilling challenges relating to lost circulation, including difficulty in cement placement. To address these challenges, lightweight, foamed, thermal cement was specifically engineered, tested, and qualified for use at the pilot. This blend addresses placement challenges and was designed to achieve the mechanical properties required for zonal isolation and well integrity throughout the life of the well.

This paper discusses the design and development of the blend using finite-element analysis (FEA) software to evaluate blend suitability, laboratory testing results to confirm basic properties, installation in the Saleski SC-SAGD pilot wells, and results using ultrasonic cement-inspection tools.

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