Conducting SAGD in shoreface oil sands with associated basal water

Paper Number: 2009-128

Authors: Jeff Peterson, Darcy Riva, Marnie Connelly, Sandeep Solanki, Neil Edmunds - Laricina Energy Ltd.

Source: Presented at the 2009 Canadian International Petroleum Conference held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 16-18 June 2009.

Copyright: Copyright 2009, Petroleum Society of Canada

The majority of SAGD development to date has been concentrated in the McMurray Formation in the Eastern Athabasca fairway. More recently operators have identified projects with considerable resource located in shoreface sands of the Grand Rapids Formation in the Wabasca area. Laricina Energy’s Germain thermal project in the Grand Rapids has associated basal water underlying much of the reservoir. In this paper the authors show that SAGD can be configured to maximize bitumen recovery for such reservoirs based on laboratory and new simulation studies. The result is a SAGD configuration where the producers are placed at the base of porosity, within the basal water zone.

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