Mitigating In Situ Oil Sands Carbon Costs

Paper Number: PS2008-389

Authors: David J. Theriault, Jeff Peterson - Laricina Energy Ltd., Harvey Heinrichs - Canadian Chemical Technology Inc.

Source: Presented at the 2008 SPE International Thermal Operations and Heavy Oil Symposium held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 20–23 October 2008.

Copyright: Copyright 2008, SPE/PS/CHOA International Thermal Operations and Heavy Oil Symposium

This paper provides a review of the political, social, and regulatory pressures and obligations for the in situ oil sands industry to reduce its oil sands carbon foot print.

Laricina’s insights and views on the carbon challenge are discussed as are the initiatives the Company is undertaking to manage these imperatives.

The paper attempts to frame the dimensions of the carbon problem, point out the experience base our industry has to contribute to a solution, review the parameters to demonstrate CO2 or greenhouse gas containment and storage, touch on the state of regulatory and policy issues, and scope out a progression to technical and economic success.

The primary objective of the paper is to spur dialogue and collaboration within the oil sands industry in an effort to evolve and advance the knowledge and understanding of the impacts this important issue has on our business.

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