Modeling of Multi-phase Flow in Steam Injection Wells for Heavy Oil and Bitumen Production

Authors: W. Wei, and N. Edmunds - Laricina Energy Ltd., and Ian D. Gates – University of Calgary

Source: This paper was prepared for presentation at the 2010 Heavy Oil Development International Seminar in Panjin City, China, September 15-17, 2010

Accurate prediction of multi-phase flow steam injection wells for steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) is required to understand and design well systems to obtain uniform steam injection into the reservoir. In this research, a new theoretical method is constructed from basic physical mechanisms to predict gas-liquid phase behaviour in the pipelines. The outcome of this work is a more general multi-phase flow model that handles vertical, horizontal, and inclined flow conditions. The model demonstrated its suitability and applicability as a basis for construction of a steam vapour/water liquid thermal wellbore flow model.

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