Progressing C-SAGD recovery of bitumen from the Grosmont D reservoir

Paper Number: WHOC15-280

Authors: Steve Brand and Wei Wei, Laricina Energy Ltd.

Source: This paper was prepared for presentation at the World Heavy Oil Congress held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, March 23 – 27, 2015

At the Saleski Pilot in Alberta, Canada, steam was injected into the Grosmont Formation, a naturally fractured bitumen bearing carbonate reservoir, and it was demonstrated that bitumen can be produced at commercial rates with favourable steam-oil ratios.

The Saleski Pilot has been in operation since December 2010 and is focused on establishing commercial bitumen production rates from the Grosmont C and Grosmont D formation to unlock the considerable resource in place. The piot has also helped define the optimal design criteria for surface facilities, well drillihng, well completions and operational strategies for commercialization.

The work to date in the Grosmont D formation has advanced understanding of an effective start-up strategy for thermal development of this reservoir. Early experience in the first generation wells has led to improved drilling and well placement within the Grosmont D as well. A new well drilled in the Grosmont D improved the ability to simulate reservoir recovery mechanisms and will lead to further improvements in development.

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