1. Control Room

The Control Room Building is the center of activity for all plant and well operations. We involved Laricina’s operations and maintenance staff and contractors throughout the development of this building, from specifications and procurement to direct involvement in the layout and design of each computer display.

All aspects of the plant operation can be seen on multiple computer displays, from down hole well temperature to graphic representation of the volumes loaded on or off trucks. As well, the Control Room has an outside view of the flare stack, Truck Loading and Unloading Area and most other systems within the plant for safety reasons.

There are more than 1,250 wired-end devices in the plant, each specifically included to monitor operating parameters, flows and balances. The metering demands of pilot facilities are rigorous, as all future facilities are based in whole or in part on the data gathered. This includes temperature and pressure measurement of every system for every commodity and with sufficient clarity to enable full plant balances without re-rationalization.

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