5. Solvent Area

The Saleski Pilot also has the capability to inject and recover solvents. Solvent processes such as SC-SAGD involves alternating injections of steam cycles followed by hydrocarbon solvents. Light solvent will primarily be produced from gas from the casing annulus, while heavy solvent, or Diluent, will be produced with the emulsion from the free water knock out and treater. Laricina plans to further assess the impact of solvents on the C-SAGD process once baseline performance data has been collected and fully analyzed.

The process requires solvents to be pre-heated before injecting into steam, using a large hot oil bath line heater running at 220°C. A three-stage solvent recovery compressor will then use a combination of pressure and cooling to recover diluent and solvents from the produced Bitumen. Recovered solvent is re-injected into the wells through the steam line or goes into the recovered diluent vessel.

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