2. Tank Farm

The Tank Farm consists of four process tanks that have capacities between 750 and 1,800 barrels:
  • Disposal Water Tank (1,800 barrel capacity)
  • Source Water Tank (1,800 barrel capacity)
  • Slop Oil Tank (750 barrel capacity)
  • Skim Tank (1,200 barrel capacity)

All tanks sit on pilings and not on a gravel base, due to the substantial settlement issues caused by muskeg.

The Tank Area is surrounded by a containment berm, known as a bund system that provides additional environmental protection for any tank leaks. The outer containment dike is connected to a geo membrane that was placed after piling and sealed to the piles.

The disposal tank gathers disposal water from all the sources within the Pilot. It has enough capacity for about half a day to provide working time if the disposal system is down. The water for disposal is pumped to one of two disposal wells, with the primary one located down the pipeline system, about five kilometres west of the main Pilot site; the other is located at the plant site.

The source water tank capacity will allow about a 10-hour shutdown of the source water pipeline system, without inhibiting source water treatment and still allowing steam generation. There are four source wells west of the main Pilot plant site and two source wells located on the site.

The third and smallest tank is the slop oil tank. This tank is equipped with a fire tube and burner. Slop is a mixture of oil, water and solids gathered from many locations throughout the Pilot. Often, slop is bound together in an emulsion that can be challenging to treat. Heat and retention time are used to treat the oil/water emulsion so that it can be recycled for re-treatment in the plant. If slop generation exceeds capacity, it will be shipped offsite for treatment and proper disposal.

The last tank is the skim tank, which reduces residual oil from water-dominant streams from the FWKO and treater. These streams contain 1,000 ppm of residual oil that must be skimmed and sent to either the slop oil tank or back into the treatment train. The outlet target concentration of oil from this tank is 100 ppm in the treated water before it is sent to disposal.

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