9. Truck Loading and Unloading Area

The Truck Unloading station is used for Diluent unloading and dilbit loading. The trucks connect to a small measurement module adjacent to the Tank Farm wall for loading and unloading.

The diluent tank has a 3,000 Barrel capacity and is used for storage. Diluent is pumped from the diluent pump building and used for either injection or blending in the treatment train. Three dilbit tanks, which each have a 3,000 barrel capacity, are used to fill, settle and ship Bitumen blend from. The shipping pumps are located in the water/slop pump building. A Propane storage cylinder and injection skid are located on the south side of the truck turnaround area.

The plant is designed to store enough dilbit or diluent to last for three days, allowing continuous operations for three days in the event the main access road to Wabasca closes for any reason.

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