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The spring of 2011 marked a major milestone for Laricina, as the company celebrated first oil production at our Saleski pilot. Steam injection was initiated in the later part of December 2010 and first oil production was achieved mid-March, 2011. Since then, the Saleski pilot has come a long way achieving gross bitumen production volumes of more than 600,000 thousand barrels prior to suspension in September of 2015.

Saleski is the world’s first Grosmont carbonate oil sands project that uses cyclic steam-assisted gravity drainage (C-SAGD) technology, and the first C-SAGD project to produce bitumen from Alberta’s Grosmont Formation, Alberta’s second-largest in situ oil sands resource.

The Saleski Pilot has allowed Laricina to better understand the geological framework and define thermal performance characteristics in the Grosmont as well as bitumen productivity and resource recovery. The Pilot has also allowed Laricina to refine drilling practices to suit the unique properties of a low pressure, highly fractured carbonate formation.

In September 2015, Laricina announced the suspension of operations at the pilot.

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Learn more about Laricina’s oil sands innovations, including initiatives in the carbonate formation, use of core imaging tools, and solvent-assisted process development. Click to watch.

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