APEGA Summit Awards - 2014

Laricina’s Saleski Pilot was recognized by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) at the 24th Annual Summit Awards Gala in Edmonton on April 2014 as a recipient of the 2014 Project Achievement Award. The APEGA Summit Awards recognize leadership and excellence in the practices of engineering and/or geoscience, and the contributions these professionals make to the community. The Project Achievement Award recognizes a unique project improving conditions for society and substantially conceived and executed by Albertans. The Saleski pilot was recognized as demonstrating engineering and geoscience skills along with representing substantial contribution to technical progress and the betterment of society.

Grand Rapids Geology

Bob Gibb, Senior Staff Geologist at Laricina discusses the Grand Rapids Geology. This video represents the first in a series describing Laricina’s development at Germain.

Germain Commercial Development Project First Steam

Start-up at the Germain Commercial Development Project (CDP) in the West Athabasca will open up an entirely new region in Alberta for oil sands production and will begin to shift roughly 150 billion barrels of bitumen from ultimate potential to established reserves. On June 8, 2013 Laricina took the first step towards this milestone by injecting first steam into the reservoir. Watch our video to learn more about the planning, development and construction of the Germain CDP.

Cyclic Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Recovery

Cyclic Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (C-SAGD) is a recovery method based on established thermal processes to produce bitumen from Laricina’s Grosmont C and D carbonate formations. Watch our video to learn how we use a single horizontal well to inject steam into each formation and then use the same well to pump bitumen back up to the surface; using several alternating steam injection and bitumen production cycles over the life of a well.

Laricina is advancing new and innovative in situ recovery technologies through a combination of lab-based research, advanced simulation modelling and in-field testing. Watch our video to learn more about Laricina’s oil sands innovations, including the development of our carbonate resource, and the use of solvents with the SAGD process.


SAGD or steam-assisted gravity drainage is highly efficient for producing bitumen from the oil sands. Watch our video to see how injected steam heats the immobile bitumen which by gravity drains to the production well and is brought back up to the surface for processing and transport.


Water is an important component of in situ oil sands recovery. We will recycle over 90% of the water used in our commercial operations. The remaining 10% is sourced from deep underground and is not fit for human or animal consumption.


Solvents such as propane are used to reduce the natural gas requirements to generate steam and improve recovery at both our Saleski and Germain projects. Laricina’s Solvent-Cyclic SAGD process (SC-SAGD) maximizes bitumen recovery by varying the solvent type and rates, in combination with steam in the SAGD process.

Reservoir Units within a Multi-Layered Dolostone Formation: Grosmont Formation, Saleski Area

Laricina’s Sr. Carbonate Geologist, Kent Barrett and Dr. John Hopkins, Geology Professor, Emeritus at University of Calgary, describe the geology of Grosmont bitumen bearing zones at Laricina’s Saleski Pilot. This presentation was recorded during the 2008 Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists annual convention.

A New Devonian Subcrop Bitumen Play

At Laricina’s Germain property, the Devonian age Blueridge Member of the Winterburn Group contains a significant bitumen resource that Laricina is evaluating. This video which was recorded at the 2008 Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Convention shows Laricina Sr. Carbonate Geologist, Kent Barrett describing the merits of two bitumen bearing Blueridge cores from Laricina Germain wells.


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